Google’s Clips camera offers a snapshot of things to come

Google held a big hardware event this week, announcing a couple of new Pixel-branded smartphones, two Google Home devices, a new Pixelbook laptop, new earbuds called Pixel Buds, and a consumer camera called Google Clips.

Of all the new Google products announced, Google Clips is the most interesting by far — which is to say that it represents the most interesting trend. This consumer device represents the future of enterprise A.I.

But wait, you might say. Isn’t Google’s Pixel Buds product the most revolutionary? Its ability to translate language in real time is something out of science fiction, and the elimination of language barriers surely has major implications for the future of mankind.

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Java microservices profile gets fault-tolerance capabilities

The Eclipse Foundation’s MicroProfile project to add microservices to enterprise Java has released MicroProfile 1.2, which adds capabilities for fault tolerance and security.

New features in MicroProfile 1.2

A fault-tolerance API in MicroProfile 1.2 provides a way for applications to deal with the unavailability of a microservice, said IBM Distinguished Engineer Ian Robinson, who has worked on MicroProfile. When old-style monolithic applications fail, they bring down the entire application. But applications composed of microservices continue to operate if a specific microservcie fails, leading to “more interesting failure scenarios,” he said. To deal with service failures, applications need a way of handling the unavailability of a service, such as to resort to a fallback service if a primary service is unavailable. Such fallbacks are what MicroProfile 1.2 allows.

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With the Shell, You Can Go Wild(card) and Follow Your Pipe Dream

There is more to the shell than commands composed of alphanumeric characters. In addition to those familiar programs, there is a whole host of processing tools hiding behind the symbols of a standard keyboard. To say nothing of their incredible potency in combination, each one is so powerful on its own that it helps to take a methodical approach to get familiar with them.

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La moda es un mercado irracional y emocionar es la clave

La democratización de la moda y la aparición de nuevos canales de consumo han cambiado el sector de la moda. La disrupción de la tecnología en un sector tan tradicional como el fashion han replanteado por completo el negocio, y construir una marca es una tarea cada vez más complicada. Este fue uno de los […]

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